Discover Brokerly.

Brokerly is an end-to-end digital insurance broker solution that empowers traditional insurance brokers to operate as an agile Digital Insurance Broker. Brokerly digitizes and automates the end-to-end processes of the insurance brokerage business, allowing brokers to a operate a 100% paperless transaction while delivering intuitive digital user experiences that resonates with modern customers expectations.

Brokerly comes as a suite of two digital platforms; the first is a customer-interfacing insurance broker platform optimized for web and mobile interfaces, and the other is a back-office broker management platform for insurance brokerage operations and management.

Using Brokerly guarantees your company an innovative, agile and simplified way to transact business with your customers.


Brokerly provides you all the tools to become a 21st century Digital Insurance Broker
Instant Premium Quote
Policy Comparison
Policy Binding
Online Payment
Intuitive Self-Onboarding
Claims Reporting and Tracking
Live Support
Account Management Dashboard
Back-office Operation & Management System

How Brokerly will make you work smarter



Achieve a 100% fully streamlined and simplified insurance broker business transformation



Our digital broker solution is agile and flexible, designed for enabling digital self-service capabilities for policy sales and customer services



Guaranteed market competitive advantage that enables your company meet the expectations of the modern customer

Meet The Team.

Brokerly is a product of Coverdor Intermediaries Ltd; a fullstack insurance technology (insurtech) company that provides next generation digital insurance solutions for the insurance ecosystem in Africa. We are experts in creating intuitive digital insurance experiences for your retail and corporate customers, while facilitating your business success through insurtech solutions that seamlessly manages your core processes from end-to-end.


Coverdor works closely with your team starting each project out with business analysis and project documentation to ensure that everyone is on thesame page before we start the design, development and customization of the technology, so as achieve speed to market on all projects.

Coverdor remains your reliable insurtech partner to accelerate your digital insurance transformation strategy and reposition your business for a digital future.

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